100/150 South Wacker

In order to improve street presence on Monroe Street, 100 South Wacker Drive retained SCB to renovate their lobby.


Lincoln Properties


Chicago, IL


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Formerly known as the Hartford Plaza, 100/150 S. Wacker Drive is a 1960’s modern office high-rise building. The lobby ceiling was elevated and illuminated, and interior surfaces were clad with patterned glass and stainless accents to increase the perceived scale of the space. To extend the expanded sense of space, the Monroe storefront was replaced with a structural glass wall. Suspended glass canopies carry the same planar glass aesthetic out to the public realm. High-strength stainless steel blades are carved away through the use of tensile rods. A single round cross beam carries each canopy.

In keeping with its sleek style and glass façade, SCB developed thoughtful design solutions for the main lobbies. Adding warm-toned wood panels, custom-designed glass lighting fixtures, and granite insets into the existing terrazzo floor modernized the building’s lobbies.