The Apartments at 1576

As a leading institution in science and technology, Case Western Reserve University sought to explore and define the next generation of student housing solutions.


Case Western Reserve University


Cleveland, OH


Architecture /
Campus Environments /
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123,500 SF

290 Beds

5 Floors

LEED Gold Target

Case Western selected SCB to design their new residence hall for upperclassmen, the Apartments at 1576. The 5-story, 123,500 SF building provides 290-beds with an attached state-of-the art learning center. The LEED Gold targeted project is focused around three basic elements: community, sustainability, and learning environments. The design creates an environment conducive for personal growth through the reinforcement of social structures of a community: home, block, neighborhood, and village. Providing a scalable living environment allows for opportunities for students to engage locally, and for better collegiate social dynamics in what is a very driven and talented academic population.

Extensive amenities in the new student residence include a multi-purpose room capable of supporting supplemental and seminar instruction, an interactive learning classroom, and 8 dedicated study nodes fully equipped to provide the needed connectivity and interactive study required by today’s students.

As a paradigm for the next generation of housing, this new student residence aims to achieve 30% above ASHRAE energy performance through its innovative and sustainable design.