Classroom and Academic Office Building

The UC Merced campus is the newest in the University of California system. It is strategically located to address higher education needs in the Central Valley’s, the state’s fastest-growing region. With the goal of becoming the greenest campus in the country, the SCB-designed Classroom and Academic Office Building is targeted to achieve LEED Platinum certification.


University of California, Merced


Merced, CA


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77,000 SF

LEED Platinum Target

The new three-story, 77,000 SF building will provide large format general assignment lecture halls, tutorial classrooms, and supporting administrative and academic office space. The building is designed to support UC Merced’s curriculum with technologically progressive environments such as Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms, which allow groups of students to work collaboratively and engage in hands-on experiments, visualizations, electronic polling, and lectures within a single class session. The Digital Humanities Lab introduces students to multimedia though the Media Wall, which provides an interactive digital presentation environment; while the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) provides an opportunity to learn through virtual reality with a room-sized, high-resolution 3D audio-visual environment.