Lake Meadows Redevelopment Plan

Located along Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive between 31st and 35th Streets, the Lake Meadows Master Plan envisioned a new and vital 70-acre residential neighborhood, redefining Chicago’s near Southside.


Chicago, IL


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Stretching westward from the IC rail alignment to Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, the plan was conceived as a network of boulevards, streets, and public open space that restores and connects much of original city grid, which was in existence prior to the late 1950s. Drawing from SCB’s expertise in residential design and planning, the street and open space system was refined to help facilitate efficient and flexible development. Within this framework, SCB created a wide range of building prototypes that allows for a diversity of building designs and interpretation. When completed, this 70-acre community will integrate over 7,800 residential units; 700,000 square feet of neighborhood retail; and seven acres of open space organized into four parks.