Tooker House

SCB designed the new Tooker House student residence at Arizona State University as replacement housing created to serve freshman engineering students. The seven-story, 450,000-square-foot project includes approximately 1,500 beds for students, five staff units, and university offices.


American Campus Communities, Arizona State University


Tempe, AZ


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446,000 SF

7 Floors

27,000 SF dining hall

LEED Gold Target

The student community also includes a 27,000-square-foot dining hall; a flexible classroom; a convenience store; numerous dedicated student study and social lounges, gaming, and fitness amenities; and a maker lab. The maker lab is outfitted with resources that specifically cater to the needs of engineering students. The lab provides students with a conveniently-located space that enables continued work, individually or in groups, on class projects and experimental ideas. Through the use of transparent materials and ground floor location, the space will also showcase the engineering student work to passersby as a means to expand conversation and increase visibility around the engineering program.

In partnership with ASU and American Campus Communities, SCB conducted a number of thermal and shading studies to ensure the LEED Gold targeted project positively responds to the natural desert conditions in Tempe, Arizona. As a result, the design incorporates landscaping of native species, a courtyard arroyo that provides shade and is responsive to dry and flood conditions, and exterior louvers to limit solar heat gain. The exterior skin will consist of EIFS and stone and metal rain screen systems to protect the building from extreme weather conditions while adding visual aesthetic. The materials color palette was chosen to complement the local desert terrain.