Valvoline desired a new headquarters building that communicates the 150-year heritage of the brand as a leader in racing while also capturing the future of technology and innovation. In response, SCB is currently designing a new four-story, 162,000-square-foot build-to-suit headquarters building.


Verus Partners


Lexington, KY


Interior Design /
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Located in Lexington, KY, the project’s scope includes architecture and interior design services to support a growing staff of 400 – 500 employees by creating a unique, open, and flexible workplace that reflects the legacy and future of the Valvoline brand. Key design drivers were to energize and galvanize employees by showcasing the brand’s power, offer work-life balance, facilitate healthy lifestyles for employees, and create a space that supports how employees want to work while also being comfortable. The design provides a brand experience for visitors as it features the company’s blue and red colors throughout the office space.

SCB designed the building to be two elongated bars connected by a central glass volume, which provides an open office environment filled with natural light and offers views of the surrounding landscape. The double-height lobby space will house Valvoline’s identity exhibitions. Building amenities include a cafeteria, fitness center, and credit union. Car-themed wall décor and vehicular-shaped furniture highlight the company’s dedication to engine performance.