SCB is home to a robust internship program that offers hands-on, paid work experience to students for the summer term or the full academic year.


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At SCB, you’ll work alongside veteran architects, planners, interior designers, and other professionals, coordinating with Principals, Project Managers, and teams members to support SCB’s vision. You’ll be an integral part of the team, fully immersed in our office culture, with opportunities to dream big—especially for our annual intern competition, where you’ll work to respond to real challenges faced by us, our clients, and the built environment.

Primary Duties + Responsibilities

Student interns at SCB join a team in the marketing department or one of the design studios. Depending on your internship, you’ll work with teams of architects, planners, interior designers, and other professionals on business development, marketing communications, or project design, ranging from schematic design and construction administration in architecture, community outreach and research in planning, and focus groups and material selection in interior design.

Pictures and quotes from participants:

“Interning with SCB was a wonderful experience! I have always had an interest in high-rise design, and my SCB team allowed me to experience and expand on this through various phases of design and the challenges and responsibilities I took part in. My team was great and always made me feel like a valued member; they always took the time to teach me new things. I learned so much in my short time with SCB that I plan to carry with me as I continue my education and career in architecture.” – Nichole Powers, interned January – April 2017
“Throughout my time interning at SCB, I was truly learning while working. I participated several different projects, and I feel very luck to have met so many great people here. I always felt encouraged to ask questions while working here too.” – Clover Clen, interned January  – August 2017
“Interning with SCB allowed me to become acclimated with the real world of commercial architecture; I had always dreamed of contributing towards the design of major metropolitan skylines and my internship with SCB provided an opportunity to achieve this.” – Griffin Pemberton, interned 2014-15
“SCB creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment that encourages growth and development. This enabled me to learn more at SCB in 6 months than in 5 years of architecture school. I enjoyed my time interning at SCB so much that I made the decision to come back full time.” – Josh Rigali, interned January – August 2014, hired full-time May 2015
“Through my internship at SCB, I was able to experience projects in various phases from conceptual design to contract administration, work with many wonderful people throughout the office, and feel like I was a valued and integral part of a specific project team. It was a great experience!” – Jackie Oberlander, interned June – December 2014, hired full-time January 2015
“As an intern at SCB, I was treated as part of the team. I was trusted with significant responsibilities and felt like I made integral contributions to the project’s success.” – Janette Szestowicki, interned September 2014 – May 2015, hired full-time June 2015
“I was able to work on a variety of projects during my time as an intern at SCB, in many different phases of the design process. The project teams I worked with were enthusiastic and passionate about their work, but they also took the time to mentor me at an early stage in my career. This greatly expanded my understanding of the profession and was an extremely valuable learning experience.” – Adam Wolf, interned May 2011 – August 2012, hired June 2014
“My internship at SCB exposed me to every phase of the design process, gave me the opportunity to visit job sites often, and taught me more about what it takes to put a building together than I ever thought I could learn during a short amount of time. It’s been an incredible learning experience, all thanks to the excellent people at SCB!” – Jake Rose, interned January – July 2015 (SF)
“My experience at SCB was the perfect mix of hard work while having fun. I left with more knowledge than I ever anticipated; and formed relationships with so many great people.” – Shannon Hush, interned

January – July, 2015 (SF)
“I first interned at SCB three times while in grad school; first in the Chicago office and then twice in San Francisco. Something that really stood out for me that SCB does very well was that even in the short timeframe of my internships, I always felt like I was real part of the teams I was working with. I was thrilled to be able to join SCB full time after finishing grad school in 2015.” – Clayton Mandly, interned April – June, 2012; January – March, 2013; August – December, 2013; hired June 2015 (SF)

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