We are SCB

Connor Bowes

San Francisco

How long have you been at SCB?

1 year.

How did you end up at SCB?

Faculty at SCB who used to be a professor at my university reached out to a professor whom I was close with and asked if there were any prospective interns. I interned while I finished my thesis and have been working professionally since graduating.

What initially attracted you to study design or pursue a career in design?

I joke that the first clue I would end up in architecture was how much I loved playing with Legos, funny enough I remember sitting in the car with my parents when I was probably 7 and telling them I was going to play with legos for a career, so in a way I just switched to much bigger blocks. I also grew up a military brat so I got to see ancient architecture and was always very fascinated by it.

What is the best thing about working at SCB?

Honestly I think it is the people. SCB has a very welcoming nature, everyone knows everyone and is personable and it feels like having your own personality is embraced. We have so many different personalities and there isn’t pressure to conform to a certain standard. I think that also stems to how integrated senior and junior staff are within our office layout, there isn’t one section for junior staff and one for senior staff or principals, everyone is mixed around so it makes for more transparency and ease of access to the experience some of the staff bring.

What advice can you give to young or future designers and planners?

I think to be vocal about everything, your goals and ambitions, things you don’t understand or are curious about, just everything you can ask or say you should. Showing ambition, curiosity, and drive always puts you in a good position.