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Farid Memar

Technical Designer II

How long have you been at SCB?

Since 2015, 3 years.

How did you end up at SCB?

I was working part-time after school with a few firms after graduation. In 2013, I attended the Architecture program in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue my master’s degree. About a month before I was done, I applied for the visualization studio at SCB in 2015. After a year, I moved into SCB’s design studio.

What initially attracted you to study design or pursue a career in design?

It started with a section of a ship and Egyptian pyramids I saw in an encyclopedia when I was a child. I instantly became very fascinated by the idea of seeing something through a section. I could watch those for days. I think that had a large impact on my interest in 3D modeling and design.

Additionally, my last name means “Architect” in Persian, so I’m sure that helped a lot!

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Aon tower project in Chicago. We’re adding an exterior glass elevator and observatory to the existing building. I’ve been also working on some office buildings, competitions, and airport projects part-time.

What advice can you give to young or future designers and planners?

Architecture and filmmaking have many things in common; when you’re designing a building, you’re dealing with scenes. Imagine the experience of walking through the space, and be mindful of forms, light, color, sound, negative spaces, interactions, etc.