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As the Architectural BIM Manager, you will manage the BIM modeling and utilization process within the office relative to individual Architectural and Interior Design projects.  In this role you will collaborate closely with Architects and Interior Designers on project teams supplementing their technical skills in architecture and design to provide solutions specific to drawing and project model production and utilization. The Architectural BIM Manager will also train Architects, and Interior Designers on BIM related software and techniques and interface with the SCB Technology Group.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works directly with Project Teams under the direction of Studio Leaders, Project Managers, and Principal leadership
  • Focuses on the application of BIM to project design and delivery within the office
  • Collaborates with Architects and Interior Designers on the project team to set up BIM model(s) on individual projects within the office
  • Periodically reviews BIM model(s) at project milestones to determine conformance with internal BIM standards and advise project teams relative to model optimization and utilization
  • Develops BIM tools, techniques, and data utilization options to optimize project design and production efforts
  • Interface with firm Technical Design Services Team and Principals to coordinate office Standards updates, technology research, Peer reviews, and QA clash detection
  • Develop and implement in house training for Architects and Interior Design staff relative to BIM tools, techniques, and data utilization options to optimize project design and production efforts
  • Implements strategies for mining data from BIM models to facilitate design and project support efforts
  • Assists office leadership in evaluating potential pilot projects to optimize BIM and BIM related performance on Architecture and Interior Design projects
  • Makes recommendations to office leadership on internal and external resources needed to ensure project success

Essential Skills/Attributes

  • Professional degree in Architecture
  • 1 – 5 years previous Architectural experience required
  • Registered Architect a plus
  • 5 years’ BIM experience across all Architectural project phases, with an emphasis placed on model management and technical documentation; technology training experience
  • 5-10 years BIM management experience
  • Passion for technology; strong communication skills, both written and verbal; strong management and leadership skills
  • Works effectively in a team atmosphere with a willingness to learn.  Supports the project and studio team constructively at all times

Perform Other Duties as Assigned

The above constitutes a general description of the BIM Manager job duties as of the publication date.  SCB reserves the right to alter job duties and assignments and to assign additional and/or alternative duties from time to time in its sole discretion.

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