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Responsible for design or technical management of multiple assigned projects working under minimum supervision of the Director of Interiors. Oversees the entire project team including out-of-house consultants on several medium to large sized projects.  Project role may principally be design or technology / management focused depending on the capabilities of the individual.

A Project Manager represents the Firm’s interests through effective project leadership and actions that advance the Firm’s mission and business interests.  The Project Manager speaks for the Firm and conducts him/herself in a manner commensurate with a senior position in the organization. Responsibilities and expectations of the Project Manager extend beyond project-focused tasks.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organizes the work efforts of SCB’s project team on a day to day basis and functions as the primary facilitator of communication with the Client and other members of the project team.
  • Is integral in the formulation of project design philosophy and adheres strictly to this philosophy in the execution of the work and in assignments to junior staff.  Recognizes the qualitative goals set forth for each project and works toward achieving these goals while balancing design, technical and business objectives.
  • Establishes detailed work plans to meet project milestones and continually monitors progress. Monitors the time spent by staff at all levels during all project phases and modifies the project work plan to conform with the fee, budget and schedule, or takes other action to correct situations where tasks extend beyond the project fee, budget and/or schedule.
  • Directs and supervises work of junior level staff in preparation of drawings, studies, specifications, models and other project tasks.
  • Actively monitor progress, identifies issues for resolution, develops strategies for presentation to client, informs Principal in Charge and / or related discipline leader of issues and recommended course of action.
  • Initiates the development of design solutions and details, checks the work of junior team members, and coordinates work with others on the project team and with outside project consultants, documenting the outcome.
  • When applicable, prepares initial fee proposals in conjunction with the Director of Interiors and adheres to established scope of services.  Negotiates additional services fees with Clients for additions to project scope and / or revised responsibilities when there is a variance from established project goals.
  • When applicable, supervises SCB staff during the construction phase of the project and attends progress review meetings in accordance with the Owner / Architect agreement.  Reviews all requests for payment and change order proposals and certifies to Owner.
  • Participate in strategic discussion with senior management on issues that affect the Firm’s performance, perception in the marketplace, client satisfaction and profitability.
  • Researches and promotes opportunities for new or innovative work system applications. Actively looks for and implements techniques to improve quality of work and efficiency.
  • Confers with client representatives and outside consultants on a continual basis throughout the project and communicates decisions and actions effectively to the project team documenting the outcome.
  • Schedules peer review sessions with the QA team, participates in review sessions, and disseminates information to the project team.  Adheres to the SCB project phase checklist and takes necessary steps to obtain required information in a timely manner.

Essential Skills/Attributes

  • Exhibits excellent communication and presentation skills commensurate with the high level of design and professionalism required for a designer at this level.
  • Thorough understanding of all project phases of work including programming, space planning, color and material selections, FF&E selections, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction contract administration.
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of building code, accessibility regulations, and other regulatory requirements as they relate to the project and checks documents for compliance.  Conducts conferences with regulatory officials and prepares strategies to address interpretative issues related to building regulations.
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of finish and building materials, furniture and furniture systems, building systems, construction details and construction techniques.
  • Must be a capable leader with an authoritative manner, but willing to listen to others and use input from all sources available.  Confronts inadequate performance in a constructive way and is willing to share personal knowledge to train younger staff.
  • Communicates lessons learned on projects with all members of the SCB team.
  • Encourages, mentors and trains junior staff in a constructive and thoughtful manner.
  • Performs work and promotes initiatives to strengthen the firm’s corporate health.
  • Emphasizes a customer / client focus in line with SCB’s mission statement and corporate policies.
  • Promotes a positive team effort by cooperative and interactive working methods and sets a high example of professionalism and leadership for junior staff Encourages, mentors and trains junior staff in a constructive and thoughtful manner.
  • Exhibits a thorough understanding of SCB’s office standards and procedures, CAD/Revit standards working drawing and other drawing standards, participates in refining standards, implements accordingly and checks for conformance by the project team.
  • Exhibits a results-oriented attitude and takes initiative toward all aspects of the project assignment.  Is decisive and takes responsibility for actions.

Performs Other Duties as Assigned

  • Attends Industry and Business Development Events.
  • Organizes Studio Events.
  • Participates in Studio and Firm events.


  • Professional degree in Interior Design, Architecture or related field.
  • A minimum of 10 years post graduate, progressively responsible work experience.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD/Revit drafting and graphic software programs, Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Illustrator programs.
  • Excellent presentation, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven leadership abilities and mature judgment.
  • NCIDQ Certificate Holder, Registered Interior Designer, Licensed Architect, LEED AP