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San Francisco

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Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) is an architecture, interior design, and planning firm with a thoughtful design vision and a dynamic national imprint.  Since 1931, SCB has made a lasting visual impact on skylines, campuses, and neighborhoods nationwide.  Our diverse practice includes multi-family residential, mixed-use, urban planning, hospitality, corporate office, higher education and transportation projects.  Our team is nimble, creative, and efficient.  Our designs are responsive, responsible, and distinctive.  We’re future-oriented, continually challenging ourselves to design to a higher standard and innovate at every level. From our offices in Chicago and San Francisco, we offer our expertise to clients across the country, helping them achieve their goals, serve their constituents, and create unique built environments.

Our offices have their own regional personalities, but they are without exception challenging and supportive environments where motivated individuals can be autonomous, take ownership over their work, and make an impact on real projects being developed for real clients in real communities across the country. SCB San Francisco has a robust commercial and institutional design practice, spanning architecture and interior design. The firm is currently engaged in numerous high-rise residential, office and mixed-use projects throughout the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Honolulu, and a variety of academic and student life focused projects at private institutions and throughout the University of California and State University of California systems.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Thorough understanding of all project phases of work including programming/ conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction contract administration
  • Organizes the work efforts of SCB’s project team on a day to day basis and functions as the primary facilitator of communication between the in-house team and out-of-house consultants
  • Communicates with project team and outside parties regarding specific tasks and / or project related questions and documents the outcome of those communications
  • Directs and supervises work of Architecture Technical I and II level staff in preparation of drawings, studies, models and other project tasks
  • Contributes to formulation of project design philosophy and adheres strictly to this philosophy in the execution of the work and in assignments to junior staff
  • Prepares the project work plan in conjunction with senior team leaders including the timing and format of drawings, mockups, schedules, data summaries and specifications or descriptions
  • Prepares design and technical drawings and solutions to complex architectural and interdisciplinary problems
  • Develops and checks designs and details, coordinates work with others on project team and with outside project consultants
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of building materials, building systems, construction details and construction techniques
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of zoning, building code, accessibility regulations, and other regulatory requirements as they relate to the project and checks documents for compliance
  • Exhibits basic understanding of the Owner / Architect agreement, project schedule, and project budget parameters
  • Effectively organizes work efforts and self-monitors time spent on tasks.  Implements strategies for correction when tasks take longer than expected or when unexpected impediments to progress occur
  • Represents SCB during construction phase and reviews shop drawings, prepares supplemental architectural instructions to contractor, responds to contractor’s requests for information, and maintains logs of receipt and transmittal of same
  • On a regular basis during the course of the project identifies issues for resolution, informs supervisor of issues and recommended course of action
  • Promotes a positive team effort by cooperative and interactive working methods
  • Exhibits a results oriented attitude and takes initiative toward all aspects of the project assignment
  • Encourages and mentors development of Architecture Technical I and II level staff
  • Confers with client representatives and outside consultants on a continual basis throughout the project and communicates decisions and actions effectively
  • Exhibits a thorough understanding of SCB’s procedures and CAD standard and other drawing standards, implements accordingly and checks for conformance by the project team
  • Participates in peer review sessions and disseminates information to project team
  • Functions as a team leader fostering good communication between all parties.  Must recognize when to ask questions of senior firm members but strive to keep the work efforts of younger staff focused and efficient


Essential Skills/Attributes

  • 5 or 6 year accredited professional degree in architecture
  • 5 – 10 years post graduate, full-time working experience
  • Licensed Architect
  • High-rise experience as well as both design and technical experience preferred
  • Proficient in AutoCAD, and Revit drawing programs.  Familiarity with graphic illustration software programs such as 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design.
  •  Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.  Proficiency with New Forma preferred.
  • Excellent presentation, verbal and written communication skills


Perform Other Duties as Assigned

The above constitutes a general description of the Senior Architect – Project Architect job duties as of the publication date.  SCB reserves the right to alter job duties and assignments and to assign additional and/or alternative duties from time to time in its sole discretion.