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The Technical Director represents SCB’s interests as an expert with regard to accessibility, building code, and life safety compliance of its projects, and as an expert resource in regard to building technology. The Technical Director administers SCB’s QA/QC process, provides technical direction and support for the firm, and is responsible for developing and managing all in-house project documentation procedures and protocols.

The Technical Director Is a member of and interfaces with the SCB’s Technical Services Group and works directly with the Director – Technical Services and project teams. The Technical Director engages in building systems and materials research, building and construction detail development, firm wide technical initiatives, and firmwide technical training.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides detailed technical support to the Project team, Senior Architects, and Interior Designers, assists Architects and Interior Designers with technical detail development and works with Architects and Interior Designers to identify new materials and systems. Conducts quality assurance reviews of the project documentation and is integral in the formulation and guidance in the development of all project documents.
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of complex building systems and materials, details and construction techniques, primary structural systems and their applications, MEP/FP systems, their operation, and secondary building systems.
  • Exhibits thorough understanding of zoning, building code, and other regulatory requirements as they relate to the project and checks documents for compliance. Conducts conferences with regulatory officials and prepares strategies to address interpretative issues related to building regulations.
  • Researches and promotes new or innovative system applications.
  • Mentor and train staff in all technical areas. Develop, prepare and present technical training courses to the Architectural Staff. Is involved in the staff performance review process.
  • Is responsible for the preparation of in-house technical bulletins and overseeing and facilitating interoffice communication on technical matters in the Knowledge Base and disseminates information to the office staff. Communicates lessons learned on projects with all members of the SCB team
  • Actively monitors the project technical design approach and documentation progress, identifying technical design issues requiring review, study and development and recommends course of action to be taken, assists in resolution and solution development.
  • Schedules and coordinates project design phase documentation peer reviews with the QA team. Prepares written summaries of the reviews and organize and participate in review sessions with the project teams and project principals.
  • Looks for and implements techniques to improve quality of work and efficiency. Monitors the pulse of all projects in the studio and office, in touch with critical issues effecting project teams’ performance.
  • Measure performance and participate in strategic discussion with senior management on issues that affect the Firm’s performance, perception in the marketplace, client satisfaction and profitability.
  • Is actively involved a member of the leading industry forums (AIA, High Rise Building Council, etc), actively participates in all and maintains a leadership role in the applicable group. Writes and publishes articles and papers in leading industry associated periodicals and publications
  • Promotes a positive team effort by cooperative and interactive working methods and sets a high example of professionalism and leadership for junior staff
  • Participates in Studio and Firm events
  • Attends Industry and Business Development Events
  • Contributes to Firm activities to promote staff education
  • Participates in all required continuing education sessions
  • Exhibits a results-oriented attitude and takes initiative toward all aspects project assignments
  • Acts in a professional manner. Is fair and displays integrity in business dealings

Qualifications, Essential Skills/Attributes

  • Accredited professional degree in Architecture
  • A minimum of 15 years post-graduate, full-time work under the supervision of an architect licensed to practice in the jurisdiction of employment
  • Licensed to practice Architecture in the jurisdiction of the office in which the Technical Director is employed
  • Expert understanding of the capabilities and application of multiple software platforms, including Revit drawing program, and other modeling software and graphic illustration software programs such as Grasshopper, Rhino, Enscape, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-Design. Capable of leading in a digital and graphic environment
  • Command of business management tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, and with other business-related software such as Bluebeam, Newforma, and Teams
  • Superior verbal, presentation, and written communications skills
  • Complete understanding of all phases of an architectural project including programming/conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction
  • Complete understanding of zoning, building code, accessibility, and other regulatory requirements as they relate to the project
  • Complete knowledge of zoning ordinances and the process by which design solutions are quantified, illustrated, and explained to approval authorities
  • Complete understanding of complex building materials and systems, details, and construction techniques, primary structural and MEPFP systems and their operation, and secondary building systems
  • Complete understanding of SCB’s procedures and office standards
  • Complete knowledge of the Owner / Architect agreement, project schedule, and project budget parameters.
  • Working knowledge of AIA standard contracts, contract terms and conditions, and customary scope of services and standard of care provided by architectural firms
  • Appreciation for aesthetic objectives set forth in the design approach and commitment to implement these through construction
  • Results-oriented attitude and takes initiative toward all aspects of the project assignment. Is decisive and takes responsibility for actions
  • Ability to work effectively with a variety of individuals including clients, consultants, code officials and construction trades
  • Proven leadership abilities, mature judgement with authoritative manner, but respectful and willing to listen to others. Uses input from all sources available. Confronts inadequate performance in a constructive way and is willing to share personal knowledge to train younger staff. Has mature leadership style that compliments the Firm’s core values
  • Ability to direct younger staff at all project stages
  • Outgoing personality, interested in working with people
  • Acts in a professional manner. Is fair and displays integrity in business dealings

Perform Other Duties as Assigned

The above constitutes a general description of the Position job duties as of the Technical Director as of the publication date. SCB reserves the right to alter job duties and assignments and to assign additional and/or alternative duties from time to time in its sole discretion.


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