Coeur Mining

Coeur Mining, Inc. enlisted SCB to assist them with the relocation of their corporate headquarters from Idaho to Chicago. This high-profile move for the company required a review of personnel needs and ultimately a change in their workforce. Coeur was attracted to downtown Chicago to gain better access the talent pool from neighboring universities, as well as the accessibility offered by a major international airport.


Chicago, IL


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The office space was designed to incorporate Coeur’s brand standards and showcased various artifacts of precious metals where they mine. The space features an internal stair that serves as a focal point in the guest/reception area, connecting the two contiguous floors the company occupies. The stair is reminiscent of a mining shaft, further emphasizing the company’s brand throughout the workplace. Choosing to juxtapose this modern aesthetic within the context of a historic landmark, SCB achieved the client’s goal of creating a forward-thinking, sophisticated new home for a company rich with history and global reach.

New Midwest headquarters allotted for new interpretation of client’s culture and previous ways of working

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