After completing the company’s downtown Chicago office, SCB designed the new headquarters office for Corptax. Their previous office was very disconnected, prohibiting communication between departments. SCB improved the office by creating an inviting, modern, and bright atmosphere for employees.


Buffalo Grove, IL


Interior Design /
Corporate /

The new, 24,000-square-foot office design features exposed concrete, bright accent colors, and wood tones, creating an industrial feel throughout the space. Collaboration spaces are offered in informal conference areas, high-top work tables, and multi-functional seating. There are no assigned offices; departments are sorted into quadrants, each with connected access to adjacent hoteling offices, teaming areas, and conference rooms. The design hosts vibrant geometry and bright colors within the wallcoverings, ceiling panels, carpeting, and backsplash. Color accents are found in the orange ceiling, bright green cabinetry, and exposed pendant lights on colorful cords. The design is composed of clean lines, and a layered mix of warm and cool-colored materials.