Downtown Transit-Oriented Development Plan

Utilizing a grant from the Regional Transportation Authority, the Village of Bartlett selected SCB to create a new master plan to promote the Transit-Oriented Development near the Bartlett Metra Station and the surrounding 1/4 mile district. SCB’s approach to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) planning focuses on expanding the local economy and establishing a compelling sense of place that builds off of the unique characteristics of the community.


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The TOD plan recommendations aim towards increasing utilization, access, and vitality of Downtown. The TOD Plan market analysis identified that although Bartlett currently struggles to attract downtown retail, it is an excellent opportunity for new residential development. Regionally, Downtown locations that are well served by public transit are very attractive to developers and have generally recovered from the recession of 2008 faster than suburban areas that are less connected. As residential population grows, existing businesses will benefit and and help attract new retail and restaurants to the area.

In conjunction with the market analysis recommendations, the planning team identified opportunity sites in the study area that would be most attractive for future development. Site specific concepts for mixed-use developments were created to illustrate the potential build-out scenarios for each site. The Plan includes strategies for development phasing based on the marketability, and development readiness of the parcels. Development recommendations are coordinated with strategic public realm improvements, and downtown management, marketing, and support strategies to continue to reinforce Downtown Bartlett as a transit served and amenity rich destination.