Elder Hall

Two existing residence halls on the Northwestern University campus were adjacent to each other but not equal. Elder Hall had a dining center that served the area but 600/610 Lincoln was not adjoined and contained few amenities for its residents. A connection between the two was envisioned to promote community and residential life.


Northwestern University


Evanston, IL


24,000 SF

1,900 SF Renovation

5,000 SF Addition

Nestled into the formerly underutilized landscaped courtyard, the addition has a strong presence and serves as an inviting central residential entry point during the day. At night, the building glows with light from within to animate the landscaped entry courtyard. The former south entry to Elder Hall was renovated to serve as a direct entry to the existing dining facility. The addition is wide enough to offer a small seating area at each level overlooking the courtyard space to the east. This offers students a place for spontaneous interaction or quiet contemplation with expansive views. A new elevator within the bridge structure provides each level of the residences access to all floors. On the top level, the bridge includes an exterior terrace space with an overhead trellis and eastern views of the lake.

A student lounge bridge was designed to link the residence halls. The individual buildings were enhanced to provide recreation and multi-purpose spaces to support student life, as well as to give the entire complex a new identity where the whole was greater than the sum of parts.