Glen Mor II

Designed to retain upper-division students and attract transfers, Glen Mor 2 links student communities, celebrates distinctive landscape, and champions sustainability. The community’s four-bedroom apartment units appeal to students seeking independent living combined with dynamic residential life programs, dining opportunities, academic support, and campus proximity.


University of California, Riverside


Riverside, CA


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343,000 SF



2015 Gold Nugget Award of Merit

Communal amenities are available to both students in Glen Mor 2 and Glen Mor 1, the neighboring Phase 1 complex. General study rooms are prominently located in each apartment building to support collaborative learning. Centrally located fitness spaces promote student wellness, while the pool and multi-purpose rooms host essential social activities. The parking structure, a first for UC Riverside, consolidates residential parking for safety and convenience, recognizing the value of campus land resources.

The buildings are organized around two distinct levels, the Upper and Lower Terraces. The Lower Terrace is formed by three five-story residential buildings, which are composed on the most level portion of the site and organized into traditional residential quadrangles. Building entries are planned as distinct destinations off the quad, their public nature punctuated by communal study rooms. The Upper Terrace features entries to the remaining two student apartment buildings. Its elevated position results in arroyo and campus views to the west and a secluded, secure character produced through a series of intimate courtyards.

The design for the LEED Gold Glen Mor 2 responds to the two most pervasive environmental factors at UC Riverside- sun exposure and the region’s arid climate. The apartment unit types are designed with a modular bathroom and kitchen core set against a variable multi-layered exterior wall. These exterior layers allowed for the tuning of mass (closets) and void (living and bedroom windows) spaces based on solar exposure. Combined with calibrated overhangs and vertical shading fins, the units are stacked with windows composed for optimal passive solar response. This unique approach results in building facades whose individual expression is based on their orientation, a strategy that improves building performance and enhances the character of the living environment.

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*The Glen Mor 2 project is an association between SCB and Sasaki (design architect and prime architect-of-record). During their tenure at Sasaki, Tim Stevens and Vitas Viskanta served as Principal Designer and Project Manager on the Glen Mor 1 & 2 Student Apartments projects, with Octavio Gutierrez serving as project architect for Glen Mor 2. Upon closure of the Sasaki San Francisco office, Stevens, Viskanta, and Gutierrez joined SCB and continued to provide construction administration services for Glen Mor 2.