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Hoffman Estates is 35 miles from Chicago’s downtown and close to O’Hare International Airport. The Village grew incrementally through annexing green field sites for residential subdivisions, office parks, and retail developments along the I-90 Tollway corridor. Today, Hoffman Estates has an ethnically diverse population of over 50,000. Impacts of downsizing corporate campuses and aging shopping centers, deteriorating housing stock and lack of pedestrian accessibility were key issues in the community dialogue and plan recommendations.


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With opportunities for physical growth restricted, redeveloping older properties within the Village provides the greatest opportunity for economic growth and future development. SCB prepared the Village of Hoffman Estates Comprehensive Plan to address key issues associated with transportation corridors, neighborhood vitality, redevelopment of obsolete retail, town center opportunities, station area development for the proposed STAR rail alignment, annexation, and land use compatibility. With the prospect of the STAR Line, a new circumferential commuter rail line being planned for the region, Hoffman Estates was in the unique position of having to plan for two new rail stations. These new stations will influence the character of the Village by becoming significant Transit Oriented Developments and potential Town Centers.

A primary objective of the Comprehensive Plan was to set a direction for these and other development decisions. Through an involved public participation process, the SCB team engaged Village stakeholders and residents to provide insight, feedback and ideas about future development. The plan focused on developing guidelines and policies for all existing and future land uses, with a special emphasis on retail development.