Illinois College Space Utilization Plan

To accommodate Illinois College’s changing enrollment and strategic goals, SCB created a space utilization plan for that identified opportunities for expansion, reconfiguration, reuse, and revitalization of existing facilities. This plan acts as a guide for capital improvements and future development over the next five years.


Illinois College


Jacksonville, IL


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The plan has allowed the College to translate its strategic goals and objectives into physical reality, while still respecting the historic integrity of the campus. It resolves space utilization issues associated with redistribution of program and classrooms, new and various types of student housing, improvement of targeted existing facilities, and enhanced student social spaces.

SCB established initial guidelines for improving the quality of student life spaces on campus by strategically repositioning public gathering areas and transforming an underutilized facility into an inviting central student center. The plan further recommends enhancing the overall campus experience through a holistic approach to improved wayfinding, streetscape, landscape, site furnishings, and amenities. Building guidelines address architectural scale, massing, height, sustainability, materials, access, and signage.