Illinois Tool Works

Illinois Tool Works is a global leader in manufacturing specialized industrial equipment and consumables, and employs 51,000 people in 56 countries across the globe. ITW’s products had been at the forefront of technological progress for a century, and now the company needed a workplace to portray its innovative character.


Glenview, IL


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ITW engaged SCB to align the company’s interior environments at its new headquarters in Glenview, Illinois with its core values of innovation and decentralized entrepreneurial culture. Through strategic growth over many decades, ITW’s growing workforce settled in the former Kraft Foods campus, consisting of 500,000 square feet spread across three buildings built in the 70’s and 80’s. SCB’s design challenge was to update the interiors to create a uniform design aesthetic across all three buildings and seven business segments.

A modern, yet timeless space that uses subtle branding cues to present an understated acknowledgement of the company’s legacy and success.

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