Kapow Events

Startup company Kapow Events hired SCB to create a unique office environment that would convey their brand essence while emphasizing client comfort.


Chicago, IL


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As an experiential marketing company, Kapow Events helps businesses celebrate their clients by creating immersive, memorable experiences. The young company’s brand identity blends a friendly, conversational approach with precise execution, and Kapow required an office that would transmit that sensibility to clients. Kapow envisioned a bar or lounge feel for their office to set clients at ease and give the sense of immediately stepping into a destination or event space upon arrival. SCB’s design welcomes clients into a cozy living room area, handsomely appointed with plush leather couches, an oriental rug, warm wood finishes, and a stuffed moose head. With a library at one end of the space, a bar at the other, and multiple comfortable seating options throughout, clients are encouraged to gravitate to the area that makes them feel most at ease. As another means to create an active space and differentiate it from just another waiting room, clients are also encouraged to use Kapow’s lounge space for their own meetings. Interior columns are painted in Kapow’s signature color, a fiery brick red that complements the wood flooring and finishes, and reinforces the brand’s identity.

Relocation blends company’s brand identity with its playful, informal dynamic

Square Feet

The rest of the office surrounds this central space, with back-of-house functions like finance, IT, and operations located in a “growth” zone, which features quiet offices and small conference rooms that support Kapow’s internal management and company governance. Externally-facing functions like sales, marketing, and client support are housed in a “dynamic” zone, characterized by agile working environments like a viewing room that looks down on Chicago’s renowned Merchandise Mart, and a break room that can also function as an additional meeting, party, or event space. By removing doors and separating security from client entertaining spaces, SCB added a sense of openness and transparency to the office.