Moline Moving Forward: Comprehensive Plan Update

SCB is working with the City of Moline, Illinois to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan with a focus on developing an integrated multi-modal transportation system that connects the downtown and riverfront neighborhoods. The plan will be used as a valuable resource to guide development and infrastructure decisions and bring to life a compelling community vision—the product of a robust and inclusive community engagement process.


City of Moline


Moline, IL


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Home to John Deere and situated on the Mississippi River, Moline has orchestrated a twenty-year success story of systematically redeveloping their downtown and riverfront.

The SCB team is synthesizing many unique factors within the community, including planning for multi-modal transportation systems, land use, urban design, economic development, infrastructure, open space, sustainability, and quality of life issues. With several major transportation-related infrastructure improvements on the horizon, including a new Interstate 74 bridge over the Mississippi River and the introduction of a new passenger rail station via the new high speed rail initiative, transportation and its associated development is a key factor in current and future planning. The new Downtown Plan addresses parking and circulation, urban design and land use recommendations, potential enhancements to the local road network, integration of the new I-74 bridge with the Moline Centre roadway and transportation system, and the connection of primary activity centers along the riverfront.