North District Development

The North District is a public-private partnership between the University and American Campus Communities and will transform a 50-acre site north of the main campus into a vibrant, mixed-use community. Upon completion, the project will add 6,000+ beds of new residence halls, dining facilities, learning environments, and recreation and athletic facilities that will enhance the overall academic experience for students and create an exceptional living/learning community for the campus.


American Campus Communities, University of California, Riverside


Riverside, CA


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6,000+ beds

50 acres

Targeting LEED Gold

The phased master plan is informed and derived from the strong sense of place that defines the University. The North District will be an extension of the existing campus fabric, adhering to the geometry of UCR’s orthogonal grid and extending the north/south connectors of the Recreation Mall and Aberdeen Mall. At the primary plaza, a new axial relationship to the site’s context will be introduced. Departing from this grid will be a diagonal walk aligned with Mt. San Antonio. This connection to UCR’s natural setting, combined with views to the adjacent Box Springs Mountains at the terminus of the site’s malls and walkways, will provide residents with an awareness of their own campus. These visual connections will be complemented by shared open spaces between buildings and along major campus malls.

Phase One, which is currently underway, is a 1,500-bed upper-division undergraduate apartment community. Targeting LEED Gold, the project includes amenity and living/learning spaces for residents, as well as a series of character-defining outdoor courts, befitting the region’s high desert climate. Phase One of the North District is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Adjacent to the North District and currently under construction, are Dundee Hall, a 176,000-square-foot, 802-bed residence hall; and Glasgow Dining Hall, a 52,000-square-foot dining facility. The two projects replace an existing surface parking lot adjacent to Aberdeen and Inverness, the existing center for first-year student living, and begin to reinforce the pedestrian connections to the North District. Dundee Hall and Glasgow Dining Hall will be delivered by Fall 2020 and are seeking LEED Gold certification.