Business District Plans

The Village of Oak Park selected the SCB planning team to prepare a series of business district plans for Chicago Avenue at Austin, Chicago Avenue at Harlem, and Lake Street. Each study focused on the unique issues inherent to each district.


Village of Oak Park, Illinois


Oak Park, IL


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The goals of each of the plans were to develop market and planning strategies to recruit new retail and mixed-use residential development, as well as improve the environment for existing businesses. SCB was responsible for managing the process, establishing the district vision, facilitating community engagement, developing urban design guidelines, and creating build-out scenarios for the district. The study objectives were to:

  • Establish a participatory public process for the neighborhood residents, businesses, and community at large.
  • Enhance the marketability of the Business District while enriching the quality of life within the surrounding area and creating an attractive neighborhood shopping street.
  • Incorporate smart growth strategies such as Transit Orient Development by creating a variety of housing alternatives for all income levels, outlining development incentives, and designing pedestrian-oriented environments.
  • Maintain unique community values, cultures, architectural heritage, and historic structures inherent to the Village of Oak Park.
  • Improve parking; traffic circulation; and bike, pedestrian, and transit access for the district and surrounding community.