Roosevelt Square Master Plan

SCB worked with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to create a new Master Plan and Quality of Life Study for the Roosevelt Square neighborhood, on Chicago’s near west side. The plan’s key objective is to identify development strategies for vacant land owned by CHA that address market demand and mixed-income community needs for both existing and future residents.


Chicago Housing Authority


Chicago, IL


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The plan calls for the integration of 84 acres of vacant land with legacy CHA developments, neighboring mixed-income neighborhoods, existing parks, schools, multiple retail corridors, as well as the adjacent Illinois Medical District and University of Illinois at Chicago campus. This planning study also focuses on improving the overall quality of life within the Roosevelt Square neighborhood by providing amenities that foster a sense of community, increase the market demand for housing, and are financially feasible.

To create a successful plan, our multi-disciplinary team established a district vision and framework plan that is based on relevant demographic research and real estate market assessments, facilitated stakeholder and community dialogues, and investigation into critical affordable and mixed income housing criteria. When complete, the master plan will outline a detailed and phased development plan, with the location of specific land uses, building locations, zoning, community amenities, and design guidelines. A development proforma outlined anticipated development costs, build-out scenarios, unit counts, unit mix, and financing structures to support the master plan recommendations.

The complexity and diversity of this community has required an extensive public engagement campaign including multiple focus group discussions, community meetings, CHA residents meetings, monthly meetings with the CHA Local Advisory Council, over 25 one-on-one stakeholder meetings, milestone meetings with CHA leadership, and an interactive website where residents can learn about the project and participate in surveys.