Studio One Eleven

Studio One Eleven is a group of experienced packaging designers and developers who specialize in brand revitalization and creating results-driven products. SCB assisted Studio One Eleven and their parent company, Berlin Packaging, by creating an industrial yet corporate office space.


Berlin Packaging


Chicago IL


Interior Design /
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Square Feet

The interior design reflects the company’s world-class, innovative solutions and also differentiates the company from their competitors. In developing a space for designers, SCB took a collaborative approach to the visioning and programming of the space, allowing Studio One Eleven’s product developers and researchers to voice their opinions early in the design process. Occupying a 5,000-square-foot space on the second floor of 525 West Monroe provided a unique series of opportunities, as the Studio One Eleven office is adjacent to and visible from the building’s main lobby and public spaces. SCB successfully navigated these challenges, creating a dynamic and engaging space for Studio One Eleven’s designers, while staying within the client’s tight budget and finish selection parameters. The design of the space also included an in-house model shop, product sample library, photo studio, collaboration spaces, and full espresso bar.

Created to highly engage the workers and illustrate the innovation that results from their efforts