Terminal 3 Improvements | O'Hare International Airport

As part of O’Hare 21, the multi-phased vision for the future of Chicago O’Hare International Airport, SCB is currently working a series of enabling projects associated to the O’Hare Global Terminal (OGT), including the Terminal 3 Improvements project.


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250,000 SF renovation

18,000 SF addition

Developed from the overall O’Hare Terminal Area Plan program phasing plan, a series of supporting enabling projects were identified to modernize existing terminals of the airport to accommodate an increase in passenger traffic when Terminal 2 is taken offline for the construction of the O’Hare Global Terminal. The first such major project is the 250,000 sf renovation and 18,000 sf addition of Terminal 3. These improvements include:

  • Renovations of the terminal’s interior, exterior structures and systems, which will improve overall energy efficiency.
  • Reconfiguration of the TSA checkpoint, providing space for modern and more efficient screening equipment and passenger throughput.
  • An expanded passenger corridor between Concourse K and Concourse L, tripling the current corridor’s width allowing a smoother transition between concourses.
  • Expansion of the holdrooms at Gates K1 and L2A, dramatically improving the passenger experience and easing congestion.
  • 10,000 square feet of new concessions and amenity spaces within the Terminal headhouse.
  • Upgrades to the terminal’s baggage facilities and systems.
  • Renovated and expanded restroom locations and a new family restroom.

Construction on Terminal 3 will be undertaken in phases to minimize disruption to terminal operations during construction, with an anticipated completion date of 2025. As Executive Architect, SCB is managing the project team, technical execution, and delivery of the O’Hare Global Terminal and Concourse and related enabling projects.