United Airlines World Headquarters

SCB was retained to design the relocation and consolidation of the United Airline’s Fortune 100 Corporation’s 250,000-square-foot World Headquarters. The assignment was a unique opportunity to bring multiple user-groups together into one facility, and to create a seamless and transparent workplace identity throughout the entire headquarters.


Chicago, IL


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In order to consolidate these dispersed user-groups, it was essential to have a thorough understanding of the organizational structure, brand, and corporate design standards. Through a series of rigorous programming exercises, SCB distilled and documented the program, delineating employee functions and organizational adjacencies, from administrative staff needs to highly confidential conversations and public events held by executives within the workplace. SCB’s design of the executive suites exemplifies the team’s ability to understand the culture of an organization and translate its goals and values into the physical environment.

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Large-scale world headquarters relocation required comprehensive knowledge of organizational intricacies, brand and standards captured via detailed interaction among entire project team