United Polaris | Los Angeles International Airport

The United Polaris lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is part of a United Airlines’ reimagined international business class experience and one of nine Polaris lounges being strategically deployed at international hub airports worldwide.


United Airlines


Los Angeles, CA


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The primary design objective for each Polaris lounge is to generate a sense of continuity between the on-board cabin environment and the lounge experience, with a focus on providing exclusivity, personalization, and comfort for United’s premier customers. Each lounge boasts hospitality-level amenities and services, all designed to support United’s vision for an unprecedented passenger experience.

At LAX, thoughtful spatial planning around a central atrium creates different zones within the lounge that celebrate the excitement of travel. The west side of the lounge is designed to be more social, allowing guests to gather by the bar, or use the open lounge space and seating for work or conversation. The east side of the lounge is a quiet, restful space where guests can use the spa-like bathrooms, showers, and sleeping pods. A smaller, more private pre-flight dining area is available as well. While all Polaris lounges share similar design aesthetics, each individual lounge is tailored to the clientele and culture of its respective city. The LAX Polaris lounge takes design cues from the distinct and unique vibe of LA nightlife by featuring moody lighting, layered materials and textures, and smaller spaces for conversation amongst travelers.