Upwork, a web-based global freelancing platform based in Silicon Valley, selected SCB to design a new 28,000-square-foot workplace for the relocation of their Chicago office. SCB’s design celebrates Upwork’s growing presence in the city as well as the company’s mission to provide economic opportunities in local communities around the world.


Chicago, IL


Interior Design /
Corporate /


28,000 SF

To connect the new space to its surroundings, the design team organized the office into different areas tied to Chicago neighborhoods. Lending character to each office quadrant, graphics reminiscent of Chicago’s iconic landmarks and the team’s favorite watering holes and hangouts are referenced throughout. To create continuity with Upwork’s brand identity, SCB channeled the California-cool design vibe that the company is known for, and combined it with a fresh aesthetic, verdant accents, and moments of whimsy. The open floor plan features sit-to-stand workstations, a number of collaboration and informal meeting spaces, quiet areas for individual work, and a large café space that can accommodate meetings for up to 150 people. Ranked as one of the “Best Places to Work in Chicago,” the fun and forward-looking space creates an environment that celebrates the Upwork culture and the urban surroundings.

Integrated technology in both the collaboration spaces and conference rooms creates a flexible, team-oriented work environment and supports connectivity to Upwork’s clients worldwide.