Valid USA

Valid is a global market leader in meeting the demands for cyber and information security. A publicly traded Brazilian company, Valid is expanding its operations worldwide, spreading its respected brand across Argentina, Spain, and the United States.


Lisle, IL


Interior Design /
Corporate /

Historically, Valid USA had combined corporate office functions with industrial requirements in suburban Chicago locations. Due to acquisitions and a vast growth strategy, U.S. leadership recognized the need to separate corporate functions from manufacturing tasks. The new 18,000-square-foot office in Lisle, Illinois sits in close proximity to existing warehouse facilities. The design of the new office is commensurate with the company’s Brazilian culture: a colorful, open plan with very few offices and many opportunities for spontaneous interaction and collaboration. Echoing Valid’s mission and values, highly sustainable and environmentally conscious materials were used throughout the new office. Subsequent to the delivery of this office, Valid USA also engaged SCB to assist with renovations at two warehouse buildings in Lisle.