SCB worked with Vitality, a South Africa-based healthcare benefits corporation, to create a customized office environment that promotes staff wellness, showcases the company’s brand, and supports the collaborative working style of Vitality’s young workforce.


Chicago, IL


Interior Design /
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SCB undertook test fits in a number of buildings around Chicago. Vitality chose to remain in their current building downtown, moving from the 21st floor to 40,000 SF of space on floors 19 and 20. Visioning sessions led to an extensive remodel of the traditional law office space. SCB created open floor plans with a variety of different-sized meeting and breakout spaces for comfortable, collaborative work. Adjustable height work surfaces and treadmill work stations promote staff wellness, while a health bar in the reception area is open to guests and employees, placing Vitality’s focus on health and wellness front and center. A grand tour circuit guides guests through the space to highlight the company’s dedication to their core values, and showcase areas of the office emblazoned with custom branding and key messaging.

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