Walgreens Center for Technology and Innovation

Walgreens approached SCB with an assignment that tests the existing paradigm of the workplace for this major organization.  Located in downtown Chicago, this 25,000-square-foot space was part of a pilot program for the expanding Fortune 100 Company.


Walgreen Co.


Chicago, IL


Interior Design /
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Both inspiring and forward thinking, the Center for Technology and Innovation workspace is meant to support today’s mobile worker, and was envisioned as a beta site of the future workplace for the organization. The Walgreens Well-Connected Workplace initiative aims to create an office environment and supporting infrastructure that fosters a flexible work environment where workers can improve their work-life balance while increasing productivity. As part of this pilot program, Walgreens has offered their Information Technology team a space in downtown Chicago for remote work as teams or individuals.

The space provides expanded options to work anywhere, anytime, in an environment that fosters collaboration and community, supporting today’s mobile worker.

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